Krishna Chaitanya

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Wireless-sensor-network-based home monitoring system for elderly activity behavior involves functional assessment of daily activities. In this paper, we reported a mechanism for estimation of elderly well-being condition based on usage of household appliances connected through various sensing units. This paper describes ZIGBEE based homemonitoring system(More)
On March 27, 2015, Github witnessed a massive DDoS attack, the largest in Github's history till date. In this incident, browsers and users were used as vectors to launch the attack. In this paper, we analyse such browser-based DDoS attacks and simulate them in a lab environment. Existing browser security policies like Same Origin Policy (SOP), Content(More)
—In this paper we consider a K-user fading multiple access wiretap channel, where each user wants to transmit a message confidentially. There is a passive eavesdropper (Eve) at the receiving end. We are interested in allocating rates and powers to the users fairly and reliably without the eavesdropper being able to decode the message. Initially we assume(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm is going to imbue and become ubiquitous in everyday living, ranging from generic household, healthcare, public utility to defence applications. The IoT as a technology realm is witnessing advancement at a lightning speed. Consequently, there is a growing number of IoT-related reference architectures, frameworks, guidelines,(More)
This paper proposes adding reference of Web services to project by using Web service discovery framework for finding semantic web services by using natural language processing. This framework allows user to search through set of semantic Web services in order to find a best match given by user. Search is done by using keywords which make end user need not(More)
Cloud computing is the latest emerging technology which offers reduced capital expenditure, complexity, operational risks, maintenance, and increased scalability while providing the services at different abstraction levels, namely Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). A new approach called cloud(More)
In this project, the robot is controlled by a mobile phone that makes a call to the mobile phone attached to the robot. In the course of a call, if any button is pressed, a tone corresponding to the button pressed is heard at the other end of the call. This tone is called 'dual-tone multiple-frequency' (DTMF) tone. The robot perceives this DTMF tone with(More)
Controlling the speed of the Induction Motor is very essential in today's industry. Conventionally Gear box is used for speed control which consumes more energy. This Paper presents the Modeling and Simulation of frequency converter used for speed control of asynchronous motor through digital approach which has high reliability and energy conservation by(More)
A circuit design for a new high speed and Low Power 4-bit Braun Multiplier is presented. The multiplier is implemented by using different power reduction techniques. To design a multiplier it is necessary to design an AND gate and Full Adder circuit using the power reduction techniques is presented. The design uses CMOS digital circuits in order to reduce(More)
BACKGROUND The perfect sealing of the tooth/restoration interface is important to prevent bacteria penetration that may lead to secondary caries and also, when dentin is involved, prevent excessive fluid movement in the dentinal tubules that may cause hypersensitivity. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of deproteinization and application of(More)