Krishna Busawon

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In this paper, we present a high order sliding mode controller of a DC motor drive connected to a multi-cellular converter. More specifically, we design a second order (super twisting) control algorithm for the speed regulation of a DC motor. For this, a switching control for the multi-cellular converter is derived in order to supply the correct reference(More)
In this paper, we give sufficient conditions which guarantee the existence of a diffeomorphism in an extended state space that allows to transform a multi-output nonlinear dynamical system into a nonlinear normal observable canonical form. In particular, we propose an algorithm that permits to derive such diffeomorphism. The main feature of the canonical(More)
In this note, we present two system structures that characterize classes of multi-input multi-output uniformly observable systems. The first structure is decomposable into a linear and a nonlinear part while the second takes a more general form. It is shown that the second system structure, being more general, contains several system structures that are(More)
This paper surveys the development of microwave medical imaging and the fundamental challenges associated with microwave antennas design for medical imaging applications. Different microwave antennas used in medical imaging applications such as monopoles, bow-tie, vivaldi and pyramidal horn antennas are discussed. The challenges faced when the latter used(More)