Krishna Bharath

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This paper describes a methodology for performing system level signal and power integrity analyses of SiP-based systems. The paper briefly outlines some new modeling and simulation techniques that have been developed to enable the proposed methodology. Some results based on the application of this methodology on test systems are also presented.
In the design of complex power distribution networks (PDN) with multiple power islands, it is required that the PDN represents a low impedance as seen by the digital modules. This is to reduce the simultaneous switching noise (SSN), generated due to the switching activity of digital drivers. Typically this reduction in impedance is accomplished by placing(More)
Power integrity simulation for system-on-package (SoP) based modules is a crucial bottleneck in the SoP design flow. In this paper, the multi-layer finite difference method (M-FDM) augmented with models for split planes has been proposed as a fast and accurate frequency domain engine. Results demonstrating the accuracy and scalability of the method have(More)
Video-on-Demand (VoD) systems are a category of adhoc multimedia services. To provide a quality oriented services to its users, a VoD system requires usage of various resources like bandwidth and disk space. As number of users increase the resources requirements do proportionally increase. Thus these resources are costly and important from QoS perspective.(More)
In this paper, we put forth a novel frequency domain BIST approach towards instruction execution level testing. This BIST scheme employs number theoretic transform to obtain the spectrum of the control sequences (generated by the processor control unit, the Finite State Machine) of the instructions during execution to detect stuck-at and transient faults(More)
In this paper we present a methodology to test complex analog circuits. We employ the proposed histogram-correlation technique to test these circuits. The test data for the circuit under test is collected on site, during the normal functioning of the circuit. This eliminates the need for complex test generators and costly testers. We also extend our(More)
We present a method for fast analysis of signal and power integrity based on a recently developed multilayered finite difference method (M-FDM). In order to accurately model multilayered planar structures, which are three dimensional, MFDM combines two-dimensional models for power/ground planes using a multilayered unit cell approach. In this way, noise(More)
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