Krishanu Sarkar

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Zinc oxide films with different thicknesses have been synthesized by modified sol-gel technique. The films are polycrystalline in nature with average grain size between 32 and 57 nm. The thicker films are less strained than the thinner ones. The optical band gap of the films is ~ 3.22 eV. PL spectra are dominated by a strong luminescence peak at ~387 nm(More)
Post-synthesis modification of SBA-15 has been carried out to design highly ordered acid functionalized hybrid mesoporous organosilica, AFS-1. This material has been used as an efficient heterogeneous organocatalyst for the syntheses of xanthenes under mild conditions in the absence of any other metal co-catalyst.
A substantial amount of research on acoustic scattering by underwater bubbles is based on the theory of incoherent scattering. More recent work, devoted to much denser bubble assemblies, has instead used effective-media formulations that presuppose coherent effects. Here the mutual relationship between the two approaches i elucidated. It is shown that,(More)
w w w . i j e c t . o r g Abstract We have theoretically investigated velocity overshoot phenomenon for both electrons and holes in bulk wurtzite GaN at 300K using one-particle Monte-Carlo method. The Boltzmann transport equation is solved incorporating deformation potential acoustic phonon, polar optical phonon, impurity and intervalley phonon scatterings.(More)
Nanofluid is a suspension of solid nanoparticles of metals and their oxides in conventional liquids. It has been considered as a better option due to their improved thermal conductivity. In the present work the effect of aspect ratio (AR) on heat transfer in a differentially heated two-dimensional enclosure has been studied numerically. Copperwater(More)
By one-step mixed-solvent mediated approach, we have prepared fluorescent organic core-shell nanoparticles with an oligomer (1) derived from the Schiff base condensation reaction of 2,6-diformyl-4-methylphenol and o-phenylenediamine at room temperature. The core and shell structures are generated by the same oligomer (1) featuring the aggregation structure(More)
A new Pd(II) bounded 2D-hexagonally ordered functionalized MCM-41 type material (IV) has been synthesized. Functionalization was carried out by the anchoring of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane in the MCM-41 type mesoporous material, followed by grafting with 2,6-diacetylpyridine (DAP) to give a N3-type Schiff base chelating attachment for the Pd(II) species.(More)
Longitudinal magnetoresistivity and Hall mobility of the twodimensional electron gas in GaN quantum wells are calculated in the temperature range 1K-14K incorporating deformation potential acoustic, piezoelectric, background and remote ionized impurity scatterings. The Boltzmann transport equation is solved by a numerical iterative technique using(More)
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