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Collagen: Animal Sources and Biomedical Application
A lot of studies have been carried out on various land animals, birds and marine organisms and this review sums up the work performed to date in a concise manner. Expand
Kinetics of isothermal and non‐isothermal degradation of cellulose: model‐based and model‐free methods
BACKGROUND: The kinetics of the thermal decomposition of cellulosic materials is of interest from the viewpoint of flame retardancy for safety, optimization of incineration processes and reducingExpand
Flame retardant study of cotton coated with intumescents: Kinetics and effect of metal ions
Oxidative thermal degradation and flame retardant behaviour of cotton fabric coated with intumescent formulations containing nanoclay as well as metals (Cr, Cu and Zn) were studied byExpand
Development and nutritional evaluation of multigrain gluten free cookies and pasta products
Incorporation of nutritious gluten free ingredients increased the content of essential nutrients such as crude fibre, crude fat, crude proteins and mineral or ash contents to a significant extent as compared to control. Expand
Food waste: a potential bioresource for extraction of nutraceuticals and bioactive compounds
Food waste, a by-product of various industrial, agricultural, household and other food sector activities, is rising continuously due to increase in such activities. Various studies have indicatedExpand
Reaction of artemisinin with haemoglobin: implications for antimalarial activity.
It appears that the uptake of Hb and the accumulation of artemisinin into the food vacuole, together with the preferred reactivity of art Artemisinin with haem in Hb, may make Hb the primary target of artemsinin's antimalarial action. Expand
Role of edible mushroom as functional foods: A review
The high nutritional and therapeutic potential of mushrooms and their applications as functional foods or as a source of nutraceuticals for maintenance and promotion of health and life quality are discussed. Expand
Shelf-Life Studies on Osmo-Air Dried White Button Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus L.)
There was marginal increase in moisture content and decrease in organoleptic quality of osmoa-air dried (OAD) mushroom slices and the samples dried after osmosis with 25% salt and 70°B sugar concentrations were found microbiologically safe and organoleptically acceptable up to one year of storage at ambient condition. Expand
Development and shelf-life evaluation of tomato-mushroom mixed ketchup
There was significant increase in protein, crude fibre and ash content whereas TSS, acidity, total sugars and vitamin C decreased significantly with increase in level of mushroom pulp, and physico-chemical changes were less at refrigerated temperature (RFT) conditions. Expand
Anti Diabetic Potential of Selected Medicinal Plants and Cow Derived Products
Since ancient times the herbal medicines are used by human being. Many plants have pharmacological properties and have been applied in the cure of many patients with various ailments and diseasesExpand