Krishan Gaube

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Extensive carious breakdown of primary anterior teeth to the cervical level and their loss in very young children invariably leads to lack of confidence and self-esteem and may cause psychological problems. The present paper deals with the management of three such cases by means of biological restorations, anterior fixed space maintainer and over-dentures.
Giant congenital nevi involve an approximately 5% risk of malignant transformation. We report about a 27-year-old patient who developed malignant melanoma after radiation of a large congenital nevus of the foot which was initially misinterpreted as a trophic disorder. The mechanisms and probability of malignant transformation and prophylactic therapy of(More)
Große kongenitale Naevi bringen ein ca. 5-prozentiges Risiko der malignen Entartung mit sich. Wir berichten über einen 27-jährigen Patienten, bei dem es nach einer Strahlentherapie eines angeborenen Naevus am Fuß zur Entstehung eines metastasierenden malignen Melanoms kam, das zunächst als trophische Störung missdeutet wurde. Es werden der Mechanismus der(More)
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