Kris R Goethals

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BACKGROUND AND AIM The Ghent Group - a group of European forensic psychiatrists - has discussed ways of informing fellow professionals and the wider public about their difficult and frequently misunderstood discipline, agreeing that the specialty may have to be 'sold' to those who pay for it and use it. Our aim was to consider the areas where this commonly(More)
BACKGROUND In this article we focus on the role, function and composition of the morning report in the training of psychiatrists in residence at psychiatric hospitals. We also pay attention to the way in which the case should be presented in the morning report. AIM To make some proposals regarding ways in which the efficiency of the morning report and the(More)
BACKGROUND Deficient affective experience (DAE), the affective and perhaps fundamental component of psychopathy, has some resemblance to the core affective disturbances of schizophrenia. There has, however, been little attempt to test relationships between these concepts, but this could be useful because of the high prevalence of schizophrenia among people(More)
Previous studies found associations between children and sex in child sex offenders (CSOs) using the Implicit Association Test (IAT). We used a modification of this task, the Single Category-Implicit Association Test (SC-IAT) to unravel child-sex associations in CSOs. Using the SC-IAT, we were able to test whether CSOs indeed hold stronger child-sex(More)
BACKGROUND So far, it is not known what costs and benefits are connected with the tbs-measure, a measure that involves a mandatory treatment programme for forensic psychiatric patients.<br/> AIM: To explore the costs and benefits that the tbs-measure has on society, on other important stakeholders such as victims and/or next-of-kin and the forensic(More)
BACKGROUND It is difficult to do research relating to forensic psychiatric patients because there are a number of methodological problems inherent in systematic measurements in forensic psychiatry. AIM To give readers an overview of the rom literature and some information about worthwhile developments in the field. METHOD We studied the Dutch and(More)