Kris Pataky

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An optimized 3D inkjet printing process is demonstrated for structuring alginate into a tissue-like microvasculature capable of supporting physiological flow rates. Optimizing the reaction at the single-droplet level enables wet hydrogel droplets to be stacked, thus overcoming their natural tendancy to spread and coalesce. Live cells can be patterned using(More)
In this work nanocomposites based on organic-capped semiconductor nanocrystals formed of a core of CdSe coated with a shell of ZnS (CdSe@ZnS), with different sizes, and a semiconducting conjugated polymer, namely poly[(9,9-dihexylfluoren-2,7-diyl)-alt- (2,5-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene)] (PF-DMB) have been investigated. The nanocomposites are prepared by mixing(More)
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