Kris Naessens

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This article describes a case study on MuseUs, a pervasive serious game for use in museums, running as a smartphone app. During the museum visit, players are invited to create their own exposition and are guided by the application in doing so. The aim is to provide a learning effect during a visit to a museum exhibition. Central to the MuseUs experience is(More)
  • Joo Yeon Kim, Nils B Brauer, Vahid Fakhfouri, Edoardo Charbon, Gabi Grutzner, Juergen Brugger +65 others
  • 2011
Microlens arrays fabricated by a direct ink-jet printing of UV-curable hybrid polymer are reported. A periodic pattern of polymer drops was ink-jet printed on the surface-treated glass substrate and cured in the UV-light. Using this simple technique, we demonstrated periodic arrays of almost semi-spherical microlenses of 50 µm diameter size and a focal(More)
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