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In this paper, we describe an n-gram approach to automatically assess essay quality in student writing. Underlying this approach is the development of n-gram indices that examine rhetorical, syntactic, grammatical, and cohesion features of paragraph types (introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs) and entire essays. For this study, we developed over(More)
This study introduces the Constructed Response Analysis Tool (CRAT), a freely available tool to automatically assess student responses in online tutoring systems. The study tests CRAT on a dataset of chemistry responses collected in the ChemVLab+. The findings indicate that CRAT can differentiate and classify student responses based on semantic overlap with(More)
The current study examined relationships between expert human judgments of text quality and grammar and mechanical errors in student writing. A corpus of essays (N = 100) written by high school students in the W-Pal system was collected, coded for grammar and mechanical errors, and scored by expert human raters. Results revealed weak relations between(More)
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