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The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has purchased and deployed many unmanned autonomous systems and is expected to do so at an ever-increasing rate in the years to come. These autonomous systems are often expected to operate in system of systems environments. Our research aims to address a number of questions posed by members of DoD's acquisition(More)
The purpose of this conceptual design investigation is to examine transportation forecasts for future human missions to Mars. Scenario-Based Visioning is used to generate possible future demand projections. These scenarios are then coupled with availability, cost, and capacity parameters for indigenously designed Mars Transfer Vehicles (solar electric,(More)
UNLABELLED Chronic injury to the healthy gastric mucosa with noxious agents such as aspirin or alcohol induces a progressive strengthening of the stomach wall against these insults. The present study examined the histologic response of the rat gastric mucosa to chronic destruction of the superficial mucosa for one month with hypertonic saline. The number,(More)
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