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Silence as Gesture: Rethinking the Nature of Communicative Silences
Silence and speech are often defined in relation to each other. In much scholarship, the two are perceived as polar opposites; speech enjoys primacy in this dichotomy, with silence negativelyExpand
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Silence in Dispute
Over the past several decades, scholars in communication and other fields working from various paradigmatic and cultural perspectives have found themselves increasingly in opposition over the natureExpand
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The Forum BEVI Project: Applications and Implications for International, Multicultural, and Transformative Learning.
In a diverse portfolio of curricular and programmatic options in colleges and universities, global education has become highly prominent over the past 50 years (O'Meara, Mehlinger, & Newman, 2001; DeExpand
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The Burnout Spiral: The Emotion Labor of Five Rural U.S. Foreign Language Teachers
An area of research that may shed light on the pressing problem of FL teacher attrition is emotion labor. Emotion labor (or emotional labour), a construct stemming from research in the fields ofExpand
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Introduction: Recent Research in Assessment in Education Abroad
The Guest Editors introduce their virtual issue on Recent Resarch in Assessment in Education Abroad, which curates past articles published in Frontiers on the topic. Click on the links beside eachExpand
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Assessing the intercultural sensitivity of students in an agriculture diversity and social justice course
ABSTRACT In an increasingly connected world, the industry of agriculture finds itself at the centre of the challenges of globalisation, including diversity and social equity issues. Recognising theExpand
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Beliefs, Events and Values Inventory Assessment of Global Identity: Implications and Applications for International, Cross-Cultural and Transformative Learning
As global communities become more intertwined both technologically and socially, professionals in every field are expected to work with people from different backgrounds and thrive in multiculturalExpand
Introduction: Special Issue on Assessment as Pedagogy in Education Abroad
This essay introduces the Special Issue on Assessment as Pedagogy in Education Abroad, which seeks to answer the question: How can we guide educators toward specific and intentional alignment ofExpand
Fences, Weapons, Gifts: Silences in the Context of Addiction
Through the years, many have struggled to understand silence as a phenomenon and as a communicative tool, and the result of this struggle is a multi-disciplinary body of literature full of moreExpand