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Simultaneous production of amyloglucosidase (AMG) and exo-polygalacturonase (exo-PG) was carried out by Aspergillus niger in substrate of defatted rice bran in a rotating drum bioreactor (RDB) and studied by a 31 × 22 factorial experimental design. Variables under study were A. niger strains (A. niger NRRL 3122 and A. niger t0005/007-2), types of inoculum(More)
This study aimed at evaluating the influence of magnetic field on the growth and biomass composition of Spirulina sp., cultivated in vertical tubular photobioreactors. Magnetic fields of 5, 30 and 60mT generated by electric current and ferrite magnets were applied at different lengths of time. The magnetic field of 30 and 60mT for 1hd(-1) stimulated the(More)
Static or modulated magnetic fields (MF) may interact with the biological system and affect the metabolism of microorganisms, such as their photosynthetic capacity or synthesis of carbohydrates. Their effects on microorganisms, which can be classified into inhibiting, stimulating and null, may be interpreted as the result of stress that cells undergo, thus,(More)
This study aimed at evaluating whether a magnetic field (MF) affects the growth of Spirulina sp. when applied to it at different exposure times in indoor and outdoor culture systems. The effects of MF on chlorophyll content, medium consumption and protein profile were also investigated. In raceway tanks, a 25 mT MF was applied for 24 h or for 1 h d-1. MF(More)
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