Kresimir Petrinec

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– This paper is concerned with simulation of floor shop layouts that may contain a number of robotic manufacturing cells and a number of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that commutate between dynamically determined starting and end nodes. We describe improvements of the AGVs pure pursuit path planning algorithm that were achieved by using a simulator for(More)
We present a laptop-based ultrasound training simulator and a novel method for creation of patient-specific training datasets. The simulator consists of a laptop computer, a peripheral probe interface device with an embedded three-degree-of-freedom orientation sensor, a virtual US probe, a virtual patient model, a simulated US brightness scan (B-scan).(More)
of the Dissertation Ultrasound imaging systems provide a low-cost, real-time, noninvasive and safe way to examine soft tissues inside the human body. Yet, the ability of medical practitioners to understand and mentally register two-dimensional (2D) ultra-sound image slices within the three-dimensional (3D) anatomy is a difficult task, so training is needed.(More)
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