Kresimir Matkovic

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Contrast in image processing is usually defined as a ratio between the darkest and the brightest spots of an image. In this paper we introduce a different contrast definition. The newly introduced Global Contrast Factor (GCF) corresponds closer to the human perception of contrast. GCF uses contrasts at various resolution levels in order to compute overall(More)
In this paper we demonstrate how we applied information visualization techniques to process monitoring. Virtual instruments are enhanced using history encoding – instruments are capable of displaying current value and the value from the near past. Multi-instruments are capable of displaying several data sources simultaneously. Levels of detail for virtual(More)
In many environments, the landscape of space and artefacts is evolving and changing with the tasks at hand. Integrating digital media and computation in these environments has to take into account the fact that people will configure space functions and tools according to the situation, organising use in unexpected ways. In this article, we present and(More)
Recent work has shown the great potential of interactive flow analysis by the analysis of path lines. The choice of suitable attributes, describing the path lines, is, however, still an open question. This paper addresses this question performing a statistical analysis of the path line attribute space. In this way we are able to balance the usage of(More)
There is a large number of interactive visualization tools, however no universal tool exists that covers all relevant aspects for all possible application domains. We have developed a tool, ComVis, which was intended to be used as are search prototype for new visualization techniques. We have identified some interesting aspects from developers' and users'(More)
The analysis and exploration of multidimensional and multivariate data is still one of the most challenging areas in the field of visualization. In this paper, we describe an approach to visual analysis of an especially challenging set of problems that exhibit a complex internal data structure. We describe the interactive visual exploration and analysis of(More)
We describe an approach to visually analyzing the dynamic behavior of 3D time-dependent flow fields by considering the behavior of the path lines. At selected positions in the 4D space-time domain, we compute a number of local and global properties of path lines describing relevant features of them. The resulting multivariate data set is analyzed by(More)
Interactive steering with visualization has been a common goal of the visualization research community for twenty years, but it is rarely ever realized in practice. In this paper we describe a successful realization of a tightly coupled steering loop, integrating new simulation technology and interactive visual analysis in a prototyping environment for(More)
The available contrast of common display devices is much lower than image data often demand. Usually a variant of an average of the field of view is used to normalize the image. In this paper an alternative approach will be taken to define the mapping of rendered values to the displayable intensity range. The luminance range is chosen such that a minimum(More)
Simulations often generate large amounts of data that require use of SciVis techniques for effective exploration of simulation results. In some cases, like 1D theory of fluid dynamics, conventional SciVis techniques are not very useful. One such example is a simulation of injection systems that is becoming more and more important due to an increasingly(More)