Kresimir Hausknecht

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Stimulants decrease reaction time in humans as well as laboratory rats. This effect is seen as a decrease in average reaction time or a shift in the distribution peak towards shorter reaction times. However, response-time distributions are typically skewed, exhibiting a positive tail. Our goal for this project was to develop a method of analyzing(More)
In present modern times when operating systems require larger amounts of RAM or Random Access Memory, we usually come across computers with 4 GB RAM, but given the price drops, it is quite usual to come across computers with 64 GB of RAM as well. By imaging this part of computer memory and by performing forensics analysis of the data located in RAM, it can(More)
Today we live in a time where everything is digitalized and technology moves rapidly forward. This big technology progress is closely linked to increase of cybercrime. In an effort to fight e-crime and to collect relevant digital evidence, law enforcement agencies are incorporating the collection and analysis of digital evidence, also known as computer(More)
1. Auf Grund von Untersuchungen an 90 Frauen wird der Nachweis der Wirksamkeit des Stilboestrols beim Menschen erbracht. 2. In 4 Versuchen gelang es, das atrophische Endometrium mit Stilboestrol aufzubauen. 3. Eine gleiche proliferative Wirkung übte Stilboestrol auch auf das Myometrium und die Scheidenschleimhaut aus. 4. Eine Beeinflussung der Hypophyse(More)
Generally speaking, anti-computer forensics is a set of techniques used as countermeasures to digital forensic analysis. When put into information and data perspective, it is a practice of making it hard to understand or find. Typical example being when programming code is often encoded to protect intellectual property and prevent an attacker from reverse(More)
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