Kreshnik Musaraj

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Despite their importance, Web service business protocols are not always published with service interfaces, which hinders automatic management. A solution is to extract them from past executions. One of the raised issues is the discovery of temporal constraints called timed transitions, which are not explicitly recorded. In this paper we present our approach(More)
Web service business protocols are of importance to both clients and providers, as they model the external behaviour of services. However, the business protocol is not always published together with the service interface, and this hinders automatic management. When conversation logs are available, a solution is to discover the business protocol from past(More)
Model assessment and model mining are two key processes which are crucial in software design and engineering, service-oriented architectures and business process management. Model assessment evaluates the compliance of a model towards its specification before or after implementation. Model mining allows the extraction of the implemented model from its(More)
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