Kreshnik Hoti

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BACKGROUND The abundance of health information available online provides consumers with greater access to information pertinent to the management of health conditions. This is particularly important given an increasing drive for consumer-focused health care models globally, especially in the management of chronic health conditions, and in recognition of(More)
Objectives To evaluate the views of Australian pharmacists on expanded pharmacist prescribing roles and identify important drivers and barriers to its implementation. Setting Pharmacists in Australia. Method Data were collected using a self-administered questionnaire distributed nationally to a random sample of pharmacists either directly, or in the case of(More)
BACKGROUND Health information on the Internet is ubiquitous, and its use by health consumers prevalent. Finding and understanding relevant online health information, and determining content reliability, pose real challenges for many health consumers. PURPOSE To identify the types of interventions that have been implemented to assist health consumers to(More)
Expanded pharmacist prescribing is a new professional practice area for pharmacists. Currently, Australian pharmacists' prescribing role is limited to over-the-counter medications. This review aims to identify Australian studies involving the area of expanded pharmacist prescribing. Australian studies exploring the issues of pharmacist prescribing were(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the views of regular pharmacy clients on pharmacist prescribing and employ agency theory in considering the relationship between the stakeholders involved. METHODS Computer assisted telephone interviews were conducted with 400 pharmacy clients recruited around Australia. Potential respondents were identified using a random number(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet provides a platform to access health information and support self-management by consumers with chronic health conditions. Despite recognized barriers to accessing Web-based health information, there is a lack of research quantitatively exploring whether consumers report difficulty finding desired health information on the Internet(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to explore patients' utilization of repeat prescriptions for antibiotics indicated in upper respiratory tract infections (URTI). An emphasis was placed on whether the current system of repeat prescriptions contributes to patients self-diagnosing infections and if so, identify the common reasons for this. METHODS This is a(More)
Because of the efficacy of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), their the use is increasing dramatically. The risk of adverse effects of short-term PPI therapy is low, but there are important safety concerns for potential adverse effects of prolonged PPI therapy. Findings from studies assessing the association between PPI use and bone mineral density (BMD) and/or(More)
Background Community pharmacies and hospitals are the two main professional areas for pharmacists. There is currently a lack of comparison of pharmacists working in these two distinct settings in relation to an expanded prescribing role. Objective To compare the attitudes of hospital and community pharmacists regarding an expanded prescribing role. Setting(More)
BACKGROUND In Australia, "continued dispensing" (CD) is a new model for supply of prescription medications. Under specific circumstances, community pharmacists are allowed to dispense a further one month supply of prescription only medications without a valid prescription. It allows continuation and treatment adherence when patients run out of statin and/or(More)