Kremena Stefanova

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Citation: Danovaro R, Carugati L, Berzano M, Cahill AE, Carvalho S, Chenuil A, Corinaldesi C, Cristina S, David R, Dell’Anno A, Dzhembekova N, Garcés E, Gasol JM, Goela P, Féral J-P, Ferrera I, Forster RM, Kurekin AA, Rastelli E, Marinova V, Miller PI, Moncheva S, Newton A, Pearman JK, Pitois SG, Reñé A, Rodríguez-Ezpeleta N, Saggiomo V, Simis SGH,(More)
The object of investigation of the paper is a special type of difference equations containing the maximum value of the unknown function over a past time interval. These equations are adequate models of real processes which present state depends significantly on their maximal value over a past time interval. An algorithm based on the quasilinearization(More)
PERSEUS project aims to identify the most relevant pressures exerted on the ecosystems of the Southern European Seas (SES), highlighting knowledge and data gaps that endanger the achievement of SES Good Environmental Status (GES) as mandated by the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). A complementary approach has been adopted, by a meta-analysis of(More)
This paper deals with a special type of delayed integral inequalities of Bihary type for scalar functions of two variables. The integrals involve the maximum of the unknown function over a past time interval. Several nonlinear types of integral inequalities are solved. The importance of these integral inequalities is based on their wide applications to the(More)
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