Kreidenweis Chandrasekar

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The workplace environment impacts employee morale, productivity and engagement-both positively and negatively. The work place environment in a majority of industry is unsafe and unhealthy. These includes poorly designed workstations, unsuitable furniture, lack of ventilation, inappropriate lighting, excessive noise, insufficient safety measures in fire(More)
Edward Hoover's laboratory has focused on the origins, transmission, and prevention of infectious diseases-especially viruses that cause leukemia and immunodeficiency and prions that cause chronic wasting disease of deer and elk and mad cow disease in cattle and humans. The feline leukemia virus vaccine developed by Dr. Hoover at CSU is currently used(More)
UNLABELLED Takayasu's Arteritis is a progressive occlusive disease of the aortic arch and its branches. It may need several bypass procedures along with or without endovascular techniques. CASE DESCRIPTIONS A twenty-six year old woman who had a history of Takayasu's Arteritis, and had a Gore-Tex Dacron Y-graft from the ascending aorta to the right(More)
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