Kranthi Mitra Adusumilli

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This paper investigates a queueing system in which the controller can perform admission and service rate control. In particular, we examine a single server queueing system with Poisson arrivals and exponentially distributed services with adjustable rates. At each decision epoch the controller may adjust the service rate. Also, the controller can reject(More)
Wafers in a 300-mm semiconductor fabrication facility are transported throughout the factory in carriers called front opening unified pods (FOUPs). Two standard capacities of FOUPs are 25 and 13 wafers. This paper describes a simulation study designed to compare the performance of a factory employing different FOUP capacities. The main performance measure(More)
The introduction of emerging technologies into existing manufacturing facilities is not necessarily encouraged by the people responsible for the output of the facilities. Any "new" technology carries risks and people responsible for delivering manufactured products are, by nature, risk-adverse. This paper demonstrates the advantage of evaluating the impact(More)
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