Kraisorn Throngnumchai

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A cordless battery charger will greatly improve the user friendliness of electric vehicles (EVs), accelerating the replacement of traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles with EVs and improving energy sustainability as a result. Resonant circuits are used for both the power transmitter and receiver of a cordless charger to compensate their(More)
The cruising range of an electric vehicle (EV) can be greatly extended by a dynamic wireless charging system because the battery can be charged while the vehicle is moving. However, the investment in infrastructure can be enormous and has to be reduced to implement the system. This paper presents the design of a wireless power transfer system with road(More)
A CPW-MMIC (coplanar-waveguide monolithic microwave integrated circuit) with quad-channel receiver IC for 140-GHz passive millimeter-wave imaging system was developed. The IC has four low-noise amplifiers (LNA), Dicke switches, and detectors using Schottokey barrier diode. The Dicke switch has 1dB insertion loss and 8 dB on-off ratio. The LNA has 40 dB gain(More)
An inverter prototype, 2.9 L in size, for driving an 80-kW motor was fabricated, and its common mode current was reduced by up to 15 dB compared with that of a basic inverter. In this paper, the two main features of the electromagnetic interference (EMI) reduction structure are described. The first feature is that the P and N bus bars of the inverter(More)
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