Kozue Shimizu

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Thaxtomin A production in culture, potato common scab severity (percentage of tuber surface infected or number of lesions per tuber), and fatty acid profiles were determined for 78 Streptomyces isolates. Only pathogenic Streptomyces spp. (n = 17) produced thaxtomin A in culture. Thaxtomin A production in culture (microgram/mL) was significantly positively(More)
We examined the effects of the resistant starches of adzuki (Vigna angularis), kintoki (Phaseolus vulgaris, variety), and tebou (P. vulgaris, variety) beans on the lipid metabolism in rats. Rats were fed a cholesterol-free diet with 25 g of cornstarch (CS)/100 g diet, 25 g of adzuki starch (AS)/100 g diet, 25 g of kintoki starch (KS)/100 g diet, or 25 g of(More)
In this study, we examined the stabilization mechanism of drug supersaturation by hypromellose (HPMC) and polyvinylpirrolidone (PVP). The poorly water-soluble drugs, phenytoin (diphenylhydantoin, DPH), and its synthesized derivatives monomethylphenytoin (MDPH) and dimethylphenytoin (DMDPH) were used. DPH supersaturation was efficiently maintained by both(More)
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