Kozue Miyashiro

Adriano Cunha Xavier1
Eliana Rodrigues1
Mauro Silvério Figueiredo1
Marinês Dalla Valle Martino1
1Adriano Cunha Xavier
1Eliana Rodrigues
1Mauro Silvério Figueiredo
1Marinês Dalla Valle Martino
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  • Jorge Luiz Mello Sampaio, Venâncio Avancini Ferreira Alves, Sylvia Cardoso Leão, Vanda Dolabela de Magalhães, Marinês Dalla Valle Martino, Caio Marcio Figueiredo Mendes +10 others
  • 2002
To the Editor: Mycobacterium haemophilum was first described in 1978 by Sompolinsky et al. (1) as the cause of cutaneous infections in a patient with Hodgkin disease. Since then, fewer than 100 cases have been reported worldwide, mostly among immunocompromised patients (2), although M. haemophilum infection has also been described in immuno-competent(More)
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