Kozo Matsubayashi

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BACKGROUND Individuals from an introduced population of longtail macaques on Mauritius have been extensively used in recent research. This population has low MHC gene diversity, and is thus regarded as a valuable resource for research. METHODS We investigated the genetic diversity of this population using multiple molecular markers located in(More)
We have evaluated the association between trunk deformities of the sagittal plane and functional impairment of daily living in community-dwelling elderly subjects. The analysis involved a detailed assessment of indoor and outdoor activities of daily living, satisfaction with life, and mental status. The participants in this study were 236 community-dwelling(More)
Does the average daily blood pressure correlate with hypertensive cerebrovascular disease better than the casual pressure, as has been reported in other target organ involvement? We investigated the associations of two abnormal findings on brain magnetic resonance imaging suggestive of a vascular etiology, low intense foci (lacunae), and periventricular(More)
Autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia is a group of clinically and genetically heterogeneous disorders. We carried out genomewide linkage analysis in 15 families with autosomal dominant pure cerebellar ataxia (ADPCA). Evidence for linkage to chromosome 19p markers was found in nine families, and combined multipoint analysis refined the candidate region to a(More)
This cross-sectional study examined the prevalence of screening-based depression and compared the scores of activities of daily living (ADL) and quality of life (QOL) between community-dwelling elderly subjects with and without depression in Japan. Elderly subjects aged 65 or older living in four rural towns participated in 2000 or 2001 (n = 5363, female(More)
We investigated the predictive value of arterial stiffness to assess cardiovascular risk in elderly community-dwelling people by means of a multivariate Cox model. In 298 people older than 75 years (120 men and 178 women, average age: 79.6 years), brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) was measured between the right arm and ankle in a supine position.(More)
Among 39 cases with acute-onset amnestic syndrome having unilateral localized infarct, 8 cases with anteromedial thalamic infarct ("thalamic" amnesia), and 18 cases with medial temporal lobe infarct including hippocampus in the posterior cerebral artery territory ("PCA" amnesia) were studied in terms of X-CT and MRI findings and neuropsychological(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Postural hypotension, which occurs frequently in community-living, apparently healthy elderly adults, is usually asymptomatic. However, the relation between postural changes in blood pressure and quantitative higher cerebral function or silent brain lesions remains unclear. We examined the association of exaggerated postural changes(More)