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We have found that an impurity partitioning takes place during growth of colloidal crystals, which was recognized by the fact that the impurity concentration in the solid (CS) was different from that in the initial solution (C0). The effective partition coefficient k(eff) (=CS/C0) was investigated for pure polystyrene and polystyrene dyed with fluorescent(More)
Our knowledge of how coastal species react to, and recover from, tsunamis is deficient because of the infrequency of these events, despite the importance of such information for ecological risk assessment of coastal hazards. To elucidate the differences in resilience among species and the successional processes of coastal sand-dune flora after tsunamis, we(More)
X-ray diffraction (XRD) rocking-curves were measured for tetragonal hen egg white (HEW) lysozyme crystals grown with and without application of an external electric field, and the crystal quality was assessed according to the full width at half-maximums (FWHMs) of each rocking-curve profile. The average FWHMs for tetragonal HEW lysozyme crystals grown with(More)
Si and Ge are widely used as analyzing crystals for x-rays. Drastic and accurate shaping of Si or Ge gives significant advance in the x-ray field, although covalently bonded Si or Ge crystals have long been believed to be not deformable to various shapes. Recently, we developed a deformation technique for obtaining strongly and accurately shaped Si or Ge(More)
Pre-polished Ge(111) single-crystal wafers were deformed just below the melting temperature to prepare point-focusing Johansson monochromator crystals. The (111) lattice plane had curvature 2R in the focusing plane and R perpendicular to it, with a hemispherical inner surface with a radius of R = 600 mm. By using Cu K radiation, the diverging X-ray beam was(More)
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