Kozo Asanuma

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Adenovirus pneumonias are reported relatively commonly in pediatric or immunocompromised patients, but the clinical presentation of adenovirus pneumonia in immunocompetent hosts is not well known. We treated an immunocompetent 42-year-old man with mild adenovirus pneumonia following pharyngitis and conjunctivitis. Diagnosis was established on the basis of(More)
A 51-year-old woman visited our hospital with chief complaints of cough and fever. A chest X-ray detected an abnormal shadow in the right lung field. A chest computed tomography scan showed solid consolidation at S10 of the right lung. A blood test revealed elevated levels of the tumor markers, CEA(12.1 ng/ml), SLX (134 U/ml) and CA19-9 (76.2 U/ml).(More)
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