Kowdle Prasad

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In an integrated Manufacturing Facility, consisting of various individual manufacturing cells, an automated material handling system (AMHS) - such as an Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGVS) - servicing each of cells plays a major role. In order to understand, and choose, the correct type of AGV system, simulation techniques can be used very effectively.(More)
Multiprocessor system models at present are very important and widely used in modelling transaction processing systems, communication networks, mobile networks, and flexible machine shops with groups of machines. Heterogeneous processors system with one faster main server and several identical servers are studied. In this paper reconfiguration and rebooting(More)
Speech clustering is an unsupervised technique that uses the similarity features of acoustic data for creation of clusters. Traditional clustering methods are used in speech clustering and these methods require the knowledge about the number of clusters. Quality of speech clusters are depending on estimation of prior number of clusters. For this reason,(More)
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