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Off/On-Screen Representation Of Women in Kurdish Television Advertisements
The present study attempts to examine the ‘on/off screen portrayal’ of women in mass media in particular in Kurdish television advertisements. As gender representation, stereotyping andExpand
From laboratory life to newsroom practice: The use of actor-network theory and community of practice to explain newsroom practice and culture: Kurdish Network News as case study
This paper focuses on the impacts of technological changes in the newsroom practices, taking both Actor-Network Theory (henceforth ANT) developed by Latour, 1992; Callon, 1992 and Law, 1992), as wellExpand
Sub-humanising The Others: Cross-Cultural Reception of Films. , Iranian/Western Interpretation of Snyder’s 300
This paper aims to scrutinizes the reception of 300 film (Dir: Snyder, 2007). Debunking the concepts of “immanent meaning”, “autonomous of the text” and other hermeneutics-based interpretations ofExpand