Koutarou Oda

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In this paper, we analyze indeterminate contact forces in robotic grasping and contact tasks. Previous studies by Omata and Nagata showed that there is a constraint on static friction forces, which is derived from contact kinematics, in rigid-body power grasps. The set of possible contact forces can be calculated using the constraint. This approach can be(More)
A smooth nonlinear system identification method without resorting to on-line parameter estimation is presented. Based on the radial basis function, a signal-dependent ARX (RBF-ARX) model is established to describe the nonlinear system dynamics. Especially, a new structured nonlinear parameter optimization algorithm based on the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm(More)
For nonlinear thermal power plants whose dynamics vary with load demand, a load-dependent exponential ARX (Exp-ARX) model which can exactly describes the nonlinear properties of the plants is presented. The Exp-ARX model requires only off-line identification. Based on the model, a constrained multivariable generalized predictive control (CMGPC) strategy is(More)
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