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In this paper, we analyze indeterminate contact forces in robotic grasping and contact tasks. Previous studies by Omata and Nagata showed that there is a constraint on static friction forces, which is derived from contact kinematics, in rigid-body power grasps. The set of possible contact forces can be calculated using the constraint. This approach can be(More)
This paper describes detailed experimental results of optical channel power stability measurements in a transparent optical mesh network configured with large-scale (144 times 144) photonic crossconnect switches fabricated using 3D MEMS technology, L-band erbium-doped fiber amplifiers with a high-speed automatic gain control circuit, and 100 km length(More)
We discuss the change in the number of optical signal channels transmitted through wavelength division multiplexing links in a transparent optical network and report detailed measurement results of optical signal channel power variation in an experimental setup configured with realistic large-scale photonic cross-connect (PXC) switches fabricated using(More)
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