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Neurotensin elevates hematocrit and plasma levels of the leukotrienes, LTB4, LTC4, LTD4 and LTE4, in anesthetized rats
The IV injection of neurotensin (NT) into anesthetized rats produced a marked increase in hematocrit, labored breathing and peripheral blood stasis with cyanosis. This effect could also be producedExpand
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Isolation and structures of xenopsin-related peptides from rat stomach, liver and brain
Using radioimmunoassay for detection, a mammalian counterpart to amphibian xenopsin (XP) was isolated and sequenced from pepsin-treated extracts of three different rat tissues and shown to beExpand
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Canine neurotensin, neurotensin6–13 and neuromedin N: primary structures and receptor activity
Canine neurotensin (NT) and neuromedin N (NMN) were isolated from extracts of ileal mucosa using radioimmunoassay for detection. The structures determined were consistent with those predicted byExpand
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Xenopsin-related peptide(s) are formed from xenopsin precursor by leukocyte protease(s) and cathepsin D
Lysates of isolated rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes and macrophages were found to generate xenopsin-related peptides when incubated with a liver extract used as a source of precursor. The lysosomalExpand
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Enhanced expression of neurotensin/neuromedin N mRNA and products of NT/NMN precursor processing in neonatal rats
Intestinal levels of immunoreactive neurotensin (iNT) and neuromedin N (iNMN), as well as mRNA for the NT/NMN precursor, were elevated during the suckling period in rats. While transient expressionExpand
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