Kousuke Mouri

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This paper explores a context-aware and personalization method in Mobile Learning system based on ubiquitous learning logs. Ubiquitous learning log stands for the log of knowledge or learning experience acquired ubiquitously. We construct a ubiquitous learning log system called SCROLL (System for Capturing and Reminding of Learning Log). Our research(More)
This paper proposes a Navigator system in ubiquitous learning log system called SCROLL(System for Capturing and Reminding Of Learning Log). Navigator system supports learning in terms of visualization of learning logs stored in SCROLL system. It informs learners of what and where other learners have learned visually and recommend other learning logs which(More)
A Ubiquitous Learning Log (ULL) is defined as a digital record of what a learner has learned in daily life using ubiquitous computing technologies. In this paper, a project which developed a system called SCROLL (System for Capturing and Reusing Of Learning Log) is presented. The aim of developing SCROLL is to help learners record, organize, recall and(More)
In recent years, ubiquitous learning systems based on Computer Supported Ubiquitous Learning (CSUL) and u-learning have been constructed using ubiquitous technologies such as mobile devices, RFID tags, QR codes and wireless networks. These types of learning include not only in-class learning but also in a variety of out-of-class learning in spaces such as(More)
This paper describes a method of the visualization and analysis for mining useful learning logs from numerous learning experiences that learners have accumulated in the real world as the ubiquitous learning logs. Ubiquitous Learning Log (ULL) is defined as a digital record of what learners have learned in the daily life using ubiquitous technologies. It(More)
Planar cell polarity (PCP) refers to the coordination of global organ axes and individual cell polarity in vertebrate and invertebrate epithelia. Mechanisms of PCP have been best studied in the Drosophila wing, in which each epidermal cell produces a single wing hair at the distal cell edge, and this spatial specification is mediated by redistribution of(More)
Interactive visual data analysis is a well-established class of methods to gather knowledge from raw and complex data. A broad variety of examples can be found in literature presenting its applicability in various ways and different scientific domains. However, fully fledged solutions for visual analysis addressing learning analytics are still rare.(More)
This paper describes our study in progress where we have aimed to enhance career support for international students using the learning log system called SCROLL (System for Capturing and Reminding Of Learning Log). Job-hunting process is very unique in Japan. Students should begin the job hunting in their junior year and it takes 8.9 months on average. A(More)
This paper describes approaches for analysing ubiquitous learning logs (ULLs) using visualisation based on network graphs and time-maps. By constructing real-world corpora comprising accumulated ULLs with information on what, when, where, and how learners have learned in the real world and analysing them, we can support learners to learn more effectively.(More)