Koushi Nishida

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Two chiral bent-core mesogens Pn-O-PIMB(n - 2)* (n = 9 and 10) and their oxygen analogues Pn-O-PIMB(n - 2)*-(n - 4)O (n = 8, 9, and 10) with omega-[(S)-amyloxy]alkoxy terminal groups were prepared, and their phase structures were investigated by means of electro-optic, polarization reversal current and second harmonic generation measurements in order to(More)
We have studied the polar structures in the binary mixtures of bent-core liquid crystals P-n-O-PIMB(n-2)*-(n-4)O showing the ferroelectric smectic- CAPF (Sm-CAPF) (n=8 and 10) and antiferroelectric Sm-CSPA (n=9) B2 phase. Although the polar structure of the one-to-one mixture is governed by the compound with longer end chains, it is much more complicated in(More)
Simple theoretical interpretation has been made on the previously reported odd-even behavior of the emergence of ferroelectricity and antiferroelectricity in homologous series of bent-core mesogens with the same chiral end chains (S,S) ; compounds with even and odd carbon numbers (including oxygen) exhibit ferroelectric and antiferroelectric B2 phases,(More)
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