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Spreadsheets are frequently used in information processing. In those information processing, automatic generation and automatic verification of spreadsheets are required. However, it is difficult to verify the structure of spread sheets with flexible calculation ranges and with heterogeneous structures. Accordingly, the modeling of spreadsheets is(More)
Heterogeneous rectangular dissections are frequently used in information processing such as multiple paged books in spread sheet languages and multiple layered image data. In previous studies, a hexadecimal grid graph model was proposed for multiple layered rectangular dissections and certain algorithms were provided. In this paper, we propose a 32-ary list(More)
Rectangular and rectangular piped dissections are commonly used as structures in information processing. Among them are tabular forms in document processing, tables in spread sheet processing, land forms in GIS and raster data in CG. We note that such transformation often include ruled line preserving transformations. This paper deals with graph modeling of(More)
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