Kousaburo Hari

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Since effective Denial of Service (DoS) solutions are based on the quite expensive commercial devices that perform stateful filtering, in general, they are not always available for stateless traffic, and are not suitable for all organizations. The random port hopping (RPH) by Badishi et al. (2005, 2007) provides a robust communication protocol to(More)
The problem of estimating multiple Carrier Frequency Offsets (CFOs) in the uplink of MIMO-OFDM systems with Co-Channel (CC) and OFDMA based carrier allocation is considered. The tri-linear data model for generalized, multiuser OFDM system is formulated. Novel blind subspace based estimation of multiple CFOs in the case of arbitrary carrier allocation scheme(More)
In this paper we consider the optimal design problems for two cellular networks with guard channel, and develop fast algorithms to derive the optimal number of channels in terms of both the dropping and blocking probabilities. First we examine algebraic properties of the new call blocking probability and the handoff call dropping probability for the base(More)
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