Kourosh Nozari

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In this paper, we study the effects of Generalized Uncertainty Principle(GUP) and Modified Dispersion Relations(MDRs) on the thermodynamics of ultra-relativistic particles in early universe. We will show that limitations imposed by GUP and particle horizon on the measurement processes, lead to certain modifications of early universe thermodynamics. PACS:(More)
Several alternative approaches to quantum gravity problem suggest the modification of the fundamental volume ω0 of the accessible phase space for representative points. This modified fundamental volume has a novel momentum dependence. In this paper, we study the effects of this modification on the thermodynamics of an ideal gas within the microcanonical(More)
This paper considers the effects of gravitational induced uncertainty on some well-known quantum optics issues. First we will show that gravitational effects at quantum level destroy the notion of harmonic oscillations. Then it will be shown that, although it is possible(at least in principle) to have complete coherency and vanishing broadening in usual(More)
Existence of a minimal observable length which has been indicated by string theory and quantum gravity, leads to a modification of Dirac equation. In this letter we find this modified Dirac equation and solve its eigenvalue problem for a free particle. We will show that due to background spacetime fluctuation, it is impossible to have free particle in(More)
We investigate the effects of space noncommutativity and the generalized uncertainty principle on the thermodynamics of a radiating Schwarzschild black hole. We show that evaporation process is in such a way that black hole reaches to a maximum temperature before its final stage of evolution and then cools down to a nonsingular remnant with zero temperature(More)
Wave packet broadening in usual quantum mechanics is a consequence of dispersion behavior of the medium which the wave propagates in it. In this paper, we consider the problem of wave packet broadening in the framework of Generalized Uncertainty Principle(GUP) of quantum gravity. New dispersion relations are derived in the context of GUP and it has been(More)