Kourosh Nozari

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In this paper dynamics and quantum mechanical coherent states of a simple harmonic oscillator are considered in the framework of Generalized Uncertainty Princi-ple(GUP). Equations of motion for simple harmonic oscillator are derived and some of their new implications are discussed. Then coherent states of harmonic oscilla-tor in the case of GUP are compared(More)
We study tunneling process through quantum horizon of a Schwarzschild black hole in noncommutative spacetime. This is done by considering the effect of smearing of the particle mass as a Gaussian profile in flat spacetime. We show that even in this noncommutative setup there will be no correlation between the different modes of radiation which reflects the(More)
We investigate the effects of space noncommutativity and the generalized uncertainty principle on the thermodynamics of a radiating Schwarzschild black hole. We show that evaporation process is in such a way that black hole reaches to a maximum temperature before its final stage of evolution and then cools down to a nonsingular remnant with zero temperature(More)
In this paper, we study the effects of Generalized Uncertainty Principle(GUP) and Modified Dispersion Relations(MDRs) on the thermodynamics of ultra-relativistic particles in early universe. We will show that limitations imposed by GUP and particle horizon on the measurement processes, lead to certain modifications of early universe thermodynamics. 1(More)
There are several approaches to quantum gravitational corrections of black hole thermodynamics. String theory and loop quantum gravity, by direct analysis on the basis of quantum properties of black holes, show that in the entropy-area relation the leading order correction should be of log-area type. On the other hand, generalized uncertainty principle(GUP)(More)
We investigate the effects of space noncommutativity and the generalized uncertainty principle on the stability of circular orbits of particles in both a central force potential and Schwarzschild spacetime. We find noncommutative form of the effective potential which up to first order of noncommutativity parameter contains an angular momentum dependent(More)
We construct a quintom dark energy model with two non-minimally coupled scalar fields, one quintessence and the other phantom field, confined on the warped DGP brane. We study some important issues such as phantom divide line crossing, existence of the bouncing solutions and the stability of the solutions in this framework. We show that this model accounts(More)
The final stage of the black hole evaporation is a matter of debates in the existing literature. In this paper, we consider this problem within two alternative approaches: noncommutative geometry(NCG) and the generalized uncertainty prin-ciple(GUP). We compare the results of two scenarios to find a relation between parameters of these approaches. Our(More)
This paper considers the effects of gravitational induced uncertainty on some well-known quantum optics issues. First we will show that gravitational effects at quantum level destroy the notion of harmonic oscillations. Then it will be shown that, although it is possible(at least in principle) to have complete coherency and vanishing broadening in usual(More)