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An occlusion-aware particle filter tracker to handle complex and persistent occlusions
Enhanced particle filter tracker by latent occlusion flag to handle full occlusion.Handled persistent and/or complex occlusions in RGBD sequences.Developed data-driven occlusion mask to evaluateExpand
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Occlusion aware particle filter tracker to handle complex and persistent occlusions ( Supplementary Material )
This document contains the supplementary material for the paper submitted to “Pattern Recognition Letters”. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the tracker performance for different scenarios isExpand
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FQL-RED: an adaptive scalable schema for active queue management
In a potentially congested network, random early detection (RED) active queue management (AQM) proved effective in improving throughput and average queuing delay. The main disadvantage of RED is itsExpand
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The State-of-the-Art in Handling Occlusions for Visual Object Tracking
This paper reports on the trending literature of occlusion handling in the task of online visual tracking. The discussion first explores visual tracking realm and pinpoints the necessity of dedicatedExpand
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Expanding histogram of colors with gridding to improve tracking accuracy
  • Kourosh Meshgi, S. Ishii
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 14th IAPR International Conference on Machine…
  • 18 May 2015
Using color information in object tracking is a prudent choice, but the vast variety of choices and difficulties of obtaining a desirable stable result, unnerves many scholars. Color histograms, as aExpand
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Data-Driven Probabilistic Occlusion Mask to Promote Visual Tracking
Occlusion, one of the biggest challenges of visual tracking, impedes many trackers by corrupting observations, decaying the template accuracy, or introducing distracting occluders to the tracker. InExpand
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Partial and Synchronized Captioning: A New Tool to Assist Learners in Developing Second Language Listening Skill.
This paper introduces a novel captioning method, partial and synchronized captioning (PSC), as a tool for developing second language (L2) listening skills. Unlike conventional full captioning, whichExpand
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Efficient Diverse Ensemble for Discriminative Co-tracking
Ensemble discriminative tracking utilizes a committee of classifiers, to label data samples, which are in turn, used for retraining the tracker to localize the target using the collective knowledgeExpand
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Deep Blue: A Fuzzy Q-Learning Enhanced Active Queue Management Scheme
Although RED has been widely used with TCP, however it has several known drawbacks [1]. The BLUE algorithm that benefits from a different structure has tried to compensate some of them in aExpand
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Sensor fusion in Robot localization using DS-Evidence Theory with conflict detection using Mahalanobis distance
This article contains a new approach for combining sensory information for sensors with compatible information. Using Dempster-Shafer evidence theory, we show how to combine sensory information byExpand
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