Kourosh Latifi

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The origin of the idea of moving objects by acoustic vibration can be traced back to 1787, when Ernst Chladni reported the first detailed studies on the aggregation of sand onto nodal lines of a vibrating plate. Since then and to this date, the prevailing view has been that the particle motion out of nodal lines is random, implying uncontrollability. But(More)
We report observations of self-sustaining spatiotemporal chemical oscillations during metal-organic chemical vapor deposition of InN onto GaN. Under constant supply of vapor precursors trimethylindium and NH3, the condensed-phase cycles between crystalline islands of InN and elemental In droplets. Propagating fronts between regions of InN and In occur with(More)
Controlling the motion of multiple miniature objects independently and simultaneously is a grand challenge in microrobotics. In this paper, we report our recent achievements in acoustic manipulation that can control the motion of multiple objects simultaneously and independently on a centrally actuated vibrating plate. By employing spatially highly(More)
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