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In this paper, we will discuss two special classes of mathematical programming models with fuzzy random variables. In the first model, a linear programming problem with fuzzy decision variables and fuzzy random coefficients is introduced. Then an algorithm is developed to solve the model based on fuzzy optimization method and fuzzy ranking method. In the(More)
In this paper, a "Game Theory" approach for finding an optimal path in a "Wireless Sensor Network" is discussed. WSN is one of the most interesting research fields in the communication networks, and is the center of attention in recent years. In our model, a pricing and payment technique is presented to obtain an optimal path in a WSN by considering(More)
Graceful labeling is one of the best known labeling methods of graphs. Despite the large number of papers published on the subject of graph labeling, there are few particular techniques to be used by researchers to gracefully label graphs. In this paper, first a new approach based on the mathematical programming technique is presented to model the graceful(More)
Scheduling sports leagues has drawn significant attention to itself in recent years, as it involves considerable revenue as well as challenging combinatorial optimization problems. A particular class of these problems is the Traveling Tournament Problem (TTP) which focuses on minimizing the total traveling distance for teams. In this paper, an efficient(More)