Kounosuke Tokita

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Communications between the ansa cervicalis and the vagus nerve, although described only as variations in many textbooks, can be observed frequently in the dissection room. Following macroscopic observation, some of such cases were subsequently dissected under surgical microscope to determine the nature of such communications. As a result, two broad(More)
A middle thymothyroid artery, arising from the anterior aspect of the right common carotid as an anomalous branch was observed in a 71-year-old Japanese male cadaver. It soon divided into a thyroidea ima artery, a branch supplying the sternoclavicular joints, and a thymic branch. In addition, twigs from these three main branches supplied the sternohyoid and(More)
Characteristics of the nerve to the pyramidalis muscle (NPy), including its origin, course and distribution, were observed (macroscopically) in detail in the present study. The spinal segments that give rise to the nerve vary considerably and involve Th12-L2. The course and distribution of the nerve also vary widely. The NPy is given off from one of the(More)
Epidemiologic studies' on schistosomiasis japonica were carried out in the Obitsu River basin of central Boso Peninsula, a newly found habitat of Oncomelania snails in Japan. Forty-five (4.1%) of 1,102 schoolchildren and 64 (10.4%) of 618 junior high school students were positive for the skin test with veronal buffered saline-extracted Schistosoma japonicum(More)
The adductor hallucis muscle (ADH) is evolutionally and functionally important, but no detailed morphological data about this muscle in the human body is available. In the present study, we examined the origin and insertion of the oblique and transverse heads of the ADH. Forty-five feet (20 right, 25 left) of 34 cadavers (13 men, 21 women, average age of 80(More)
The authors encountered a very rare human autopsy case in which the supernumerary branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve and a nerve branch arising from the external carotid plexus communicated with the superficial cervical ansa. This anomaly was observed on the left side of a 71-year-old male cadaver during the gross anatomical seminar at Niigata University(More)
Recently, it has been reported that paromomycin sulfate has marked anthelmintic efficacy against tapeworm infections in man. In the present study this drug was used in the treatment of 14 cases of diphyllobothriasis latum and 1 case of taeniasis saginata. Also, the actions of paromomycin sulfate on Diphyllobothrium ditremum and D. erinacei were examined(More)
Reexamination of communicating branches between the sural and tibial nerves ventral to the calcanean tendon was carried out on 52 legs of 26 Japanese cadavers which were used for ordinary dissection practices at the Niigata University School of Medicine. Communicating branches were found in 7 out of 52 dissections (13.5% of cases). In three of the 7(More)
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