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Upregulation of H19 promotes invasion and induces epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in esophageal cancer.
H19 has a significant role in the development of EC and may serve as a potential prognostic marker and therapeutic target for EC, while the opposite effect was observed following the downregulation of H19. Expand
SNORA74B gene silencing inhibits gallbladder cancer cells by inducing PHLPP and suppressing Akt/mTOR signaling
Findings define the important role of SNORA74B in cell proliferation, cell cycle, and apoptosis of GBC, and suggest that it may serve as a novel target for GBC treatment. Expand
BMP10 inhibited the growth and migration of gastric cancer cells
Bone morphogenetic protein 10 was found to be down-regulated in GC samples and negatively regulated beta-catenin/TCF signaling by up-regulating Axin protein level, revealing the suppressive function of BMP10 in gastric cancer. Expand
Ultrasonic Dissection versus Conventional Dissection for Pancreatic Surgery: A Meta-Analysis
The results of this meta-analysis show that, in comparison with CD, UD is associated with better perioperative outcomes in pancreatic surgery. Expand