Koujuch Liou

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Absm~-PIPE (Parallel Instructions and Pipelined Execution) is a research vehicle for stud)~ng high performance VLSI architec-tures and organizations. Its principal features are: 1) it is pipe-lined, 2) it makes extensive use of architectural queues, 3) it is capable of a decoupled mode of operation where two processors cooperate in executing the same task(More)
—Sleeping posture reveals important information for eldercare and patient care, especially for bed ridden patients. Traditionally, some works address the problem from either pressure sensor or video image. This paper presents a multimodal approach to sleeping posture classification. Features from pressure sensor map and video image have been proposed in(More)
Due to the decline in physical and cognitive abilities, many frail elderly may have to lie in the bed most of their time. It is not feasible to monitor them continuously through manual observations alone. This issue can be resolved by embedding a set of multimodal sensors into the bed and providing automated activity recognition intelligence. But it is(More)
Due to the physical and mental impairments, frail elderly have to stay in the bed most of their time. So, serious health issues and physical injuries can occur to them if dangerous events and situations around the bed are not known in advance. This paper proposes continuous patient monitoring with situation awareness using multimodality sensors to recognize(More)
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