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We show a fast algorithm for region extraction based on belief propagation with loopy networks. The solution to this region segmentation problem, which includes the region extraction problem, is of significant computational cost if a conventional iterative approach or statistical sampling methods are applied. In the proposed approach, Gaussian loopy belief(More)
Free d-amino acids have been found in various invertebrate phyla, while amino acid racemase genes have been identified in few species. The purpose of this study is to elucidate the distribution, function, and evolution of amino acid racemases in invertebrate animals. We searched the GenBank databases, and found 11 homologous serine racemase genes from eight(More)
The heterodont clam Calyptogena kaikoi, which inhabits depths exceeding 3,500 m where low ambient temperatures prevail, has an unusual two-domain arginine kinase (AK) with molecular mass of 80 kDa, twice that of typical AKs. The purpose of this work is to investigate the nature of the adaptations of this AK for functioning at low temperatures. Recombinant(More)
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