Kouji Nonaka

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The morphological structure of the lingual papillae and their connective tissue cores (CTC) in a rabbit were studied using LM and SEM and were compared to that of other animal species. Externally, the filiform papillae distributed on the anterior surface of the dorsal tongue were short and conical with a round base and had a flat area on their anterior(More)
The stereo structure of each lingual papilla of the koala has a similar structure to that of various other animal species: the koala has a lingual prominence (intermolar prominence) with larger filiform papillae. (A lingual prominence is a characteristic in herbivorous animals.) The external form and connective tissue core (CTC) of the filiform papillae of(More)
Sixty-three male 5-week-old Syrian hamsters received the carcinogen N-nitrosobis(2-oxopropyl)amine (BOP) s.c. in 5 weekly injections (the first, 70 mg/kg body, and the remaining, 20mg/kg each). The hamsters that received BOP were given intragastric administration of 0.2 ml of medium chain triglyceride (MCT) with or without 0.04 μg of 1α-hydroxyvitamin D3(More)
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