Kouji Nakamura

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DECi-hertz Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (DECIGO) is the future Japanese space gravitational wave antenna. The goal of DECIGO is to detect gravitational waves from various kinds of sources mainly between 0.1 Hz and 10 Hz and thus to open a new window of observation for gravitational wave astronomy. DECIGO will consist of three dragfree(More)
Assembly of the human signal recognition particle (SRP) requires SRP19 protein to bind to helices 6 and 8 of SRP RNA. In the present study, structure of a 29-mer RNA composing the SRP19 binding site in helix 6 was determined by NMR spectroscopy. The two A:C mismatches were continuously stacked to each other and formed wobble type A:C base pairs. The GGAG(More)
Sinorhizobium meliloti strain A5, isolated from root nodules of Medicago truncatula growing spontaneously in Tunisian dry lands, showed better growth performance under different sodium chloride concentrations than the standard reference strain RCR2011. Strain A5 has the ability to grow even at 684 mM NaCl. Two-dimensional (2D) electrophoretic analysis of(More)
The NMR structure of a 12-mer RNA derived from the helix 6 of SRP RNA from Pyrococcus furiosus, whose loop-closing base pair is U.G, was determined, and the structural and thermodynamic properties of the RNA were compared with those of a mutant RNA with the C:G closing base pair. Although the structures of the two RNAs are similar to each other and adopt(More)
Bacterial Hfq is a protein that plays an important role in the regulation of genes in cooperation with sRNAs. Escherichia coli Hfq (EcHfq) has two or more sites that bind RNA(s) including U-rich and/or the poly(A) tail of mRNA. However, functional and structural information about Bacillus subtilis Hfq (BsHfq) including the RNA sequences that specifically(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the interaction of soybean-derived sterylglucoside (SG) with the human hepatoblastoma cell line HepG2 with regard to the penetration-enhancing effect of beta-sitosterol glucoside (Sit-G) to clarify the accumulation of SG-containing liposomes (SG-liposomes) to the liver in vivo. The approach was based on measurement of(More)
The Hfq protein is a hexameric RNA-binding protein which regulates gene expression by binding to RNA under the influence of diverse environmental stresses. Its ring structure binds various types of RNA, including mRNA and sRNA. RNA-bound structures of Hfq from Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus have been revealed to have poly(A) RNA at the distal(More)
Following the general framework of the gauge invariant perturbation theory developed in the papers [K. Nakamura, Prog. Theor. Phys. 110 (2003), 723; ibid. 113 (2005), 481], we formulate second-order gauge invariant cosmological perturbation theory in a four-dimensional homogeneous isotropic universe. We consider perturbations both in the universe dominated(More)