Kouji Kuroda

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We report a new type of secondary malignant giant cell tumor of bone, the malignancy of which was assigned to a carcinosarcoma, i.e., osteosarcoma and squamous cell carcinoma. It occurred 25 years after curettage and bone graft surgery under the diagnosis of giant cell tumor of the right distal femur. Although secondary malignant giant cell tumor is known(More)
We herein present the pathological findings of a bulla covered using an absorbable polyglycolic acid sheet applied with fibrin glue. These findings indicated that the membrane of the bulla was reinforced. Covering the bulla with an absorbable polyglycolic acid sheet (Neoveil, Gunze Ltd, Kyoto, Japan) and applying fibrin glue was effective to prevent the(More)
BACKGROUND This study analysed the humoral immune response in asbestos exposed lung cancer patients to identify new surrogate markers of the carcinogenic risk in populations exposed to asbestos. METHODS AND RESULTS A serological analysis identified five distinct antigens reactive with IgG derived from a lung cancer patient with high asbestos exposure. In(More)
Pulmonary ground-glass opacity (GGO) nodules, which do not grow remarkably, are often observed without treatment. Lung tumors coexisting with inflammation and infection are difficult to diagnose. In this paper, we describe a very rare case of a pulmonary mixed GGO nodule with pleural dissemination. In 67-year-old female, chest computed tomography (CT)(More)