Kouji Hashimoto

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A numerical validation method for verifying the accuracy of approximate solutions of saddle point matrix equations is presented and analysed. The method only requires iterative solutions of two symmetric positive de nite linear systems. Moreover, it is shown that preconditioning can be used to improve the error bounds. The method is illustrated by several(More)
BACKGROUND Oral lichen planus (OLP) is seen frequently in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The aim of this study was to evaluate the occurrence of oral candidiasis, other mucosal lesions, and xerostomia during interferon (IFN) therapy for HCV infection. METHODS Of 124 patients with HCV-infected liver diseases treated with IFN therapy in(More)
An electrochemical DNA chip using an electrochemically active intercalator and DNA probe immobilized on a gold electrode has been developed for genetic analysis. In this study, N-acetyltransferase2 (NAT2) gene polymorphisms (C481T G590A G857A) were determined by the electrochemical DNA chip and the automated DNA detection system that performs hybridization(More)
A patient with connective tissue disease presenting with both protein-losing enteropathy and pancreatic involvement is reported. A 52-year-old female was admitted because of mild epigastralgia, anasarca and ascites. Serum albumin, transferrin and zinc, showed low levels. An Upper G.I. series and endoscopy showed thickened folds of the duodenum and the(More)
To investigate the seasonal change of Vibrio vulnificus in Ariake Sea, Japan, we attempted to isolate V. vulnificus from the slime of tidal flats, seawater, and fishes obtained from three harbors along Ariake Sea. The sample were collected twice a month from January to December, 2001. Also, we determined the biological characteristics of the individual(More)
Corynebacterium is a genus consisting of Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria, that is wildly distributed in nature. We report the epidemiological characterization of Corynebacterium spp. isolated from blood specimens at the Kurume University Hospital, between June 2008 and November 2011. Twenty-two strains that were likely Corynebacterium spp. were isolated(More)
beta-Lactamase activity and drug sensitivity were measured in 744 strains from 8 species of bacteria isolated at medical institutions in Chikugo District of Fukuoka Prefecture during the period from December 1999 to February 2000. Nitrocefin test revealed that beta-lactamase was positive in 48% of S. aureus, 7% of H. influenzae, and 92% of M. catarrhalis,(More)
We have recently detected Abiotrophia defectiva (A. defectiva) from postoperative blood culture of a patient with diffuse peritonitis. Pleomorphic Gram positive rod appearance and no growth on a standard sheep blood agar led us to suspect aerotolerant anaerobe. From the test results of simplified identification kit for anaerobes, we tentatively reported(More)