Kouichi Yano

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BACKGROUND The mortality of intestinal perforation in extremely low-birthweight infants (ELBWI) is high. It still remains to be determined whether peritoneal drainage is a definitive treatment instead of laparotomy. The authors used bedside peritoneal drainage (BSPD) as the diagnostic procedure, and exchange transfusion (ET) as the preparatory procedure for(More)
Three patients were treated for coronary artery-pulmonary artery fistula. Each was asymptomatic due to a coronary artery fistula. There was one instance each of myocardial infarction, mitral stenosis and a large closed ruptured aneurysm including a thrombus. All the fistulas were comprised of several small plexiform arranged vessels. The left to right shunt(More)
INTRODUCTION The present case reports demonstrated the accompanying surgical support from hepato-biliary-pancreas (HBP) surgeons for urological surgery to secure operative safety because HBP surgeons are well experienced in dissecting techniques for mobilization of the liver or pancreas. We experienced 9 consecutive patients who underwent nephrectomy,(More)
INTRODUCTION This case report is intended to inform acute care surgeons about treating rare horizontal laceration of the pancreas head caused by blunt trauma. CASE PRESENTATION A 57-year-old woman who sustained blunt abdominal trauma during a car crash was transported to the emergency center of our hospital with unstable vital signs due to hemorrhagic(More)
 To target the treatment of small points of cancer, Beriplast P, already used clinically as a physiological tissue adherent drug carrier, was mixed with the anticancer drug, mitomycin C (MMC). In this in vitro study, MMC did not release quickly from the clot of MMC/Beriplast P. The antitumor effect of this mixture was examined for its effect on cancer(More)
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