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Web annotation is crucial for providing machine-understandable descriptions of Web resources, and has a number of applications such as discovery, qualification, and adaptation of Web documents. While annotations are often embedded into a Web document, annotations can be associated externally by means of addressing expressions represented with the XPath(More)
The rapid proliferation of mobile computing devices has increased the complexity and cost of cross-platform application development. Multidevice authoring technology (MDAT) lets developers build a generic application common to multiple devices and customize it for specific devices. We developed MDAT an end-to-end development methodology and toolset, to(More)
The service-oriented architecture (SOA) makes application development easier, because applications can be built from existing services with a bottom-up methodology. However, it is difficult to determine if a desired new service can be built from existing services. Not only the functional consistency of the existing services, but also the consistency of(More)