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MASIF is a standard for mobile agent systems which has been adopted as an OMG technology. It is an early attempt to standardize an area of industry that, even though popular in the recent past, still has not caught on. In its short history MASIF has raised interest in industry and academia. There are already a number of projects pursuing MASIF reference(More)
This paper describes our approach to support the development of large-scale Web applications. Large development efforts have to be divided into a number of smaller tasks of different kinds that can be performed by multiple developers. Once this process has taken place, it is important to manage the consistency among the artifacts in an efficient and(More)
The service-oriented architecture (SOA) makes application development easier, because applications can be built from existing services with a bottom-up methodology. However, it is difficult to determine if a desired new service can be built from existing services. Not only the functional consistency of the existing services, but also the consistency of(More)
Web annotation is crucial for providing machine-understandable descriptions of Web resources, and has a number of applications such as discovery, qualification, and adaptation of Web documents. While annotations are often embedded into a Web document, annotations can be associated externally by means of addressing expressions represented with the XPath(More)