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In this paper, we propose network construction methods of sensor nodes for Border Security Systems. A Border Security System watches intruders by using sensor nodes with communication function. The detection of some intruders and the use of a long-term operation system are required in this system. In this paper, we propose two methods to reduce the power(More)
Recently, the RFID tag system is paid attention to as an identification source. Each RFID tag is attached to some object. With the unique ID of RFID tag, a user identifies the object provided with the RFID tag, and derives appropriate information about the object. One of the important applications of RFID technology is the position estimation of RFID tags.(More)
RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) systems have become meaningful as a new identification source that is applicable in ubiquitous environments. One of the important technologies that use RFID systems is the indoor position estimation of RFID readers. Using conventional methods, the system needs at least two RFID tags for the accurate indoor position(More)
A fully online learning environment requires support procedures in order to promote pro-active learning. This paper presents the causal relationships between student's characteristics, note-taking skills, learning experience, note assessment and test scores. A structural equation modeling technique is used to trace student's learning activity as note-taking(More)